Monday, 25 January 2010

Ok so there is another Jesus program about a man named Simon who could have been the first messiah. When they say the first messiah they mean that Jesus copied Simon by giving up his own life to create a historical revolution.
I have no belief whatsoever that Jesus was holy or the son of God but this show is really interesting - obviously. So this man Simon realized that if he died and rose from the dead he would be more likely to be remembered as the messiah. Obviously his followers wrote, on a tablet, that he was visited by Gabriel and he told Simon to rise again in three days. He lead a rebellion against the Romans and was killed shortly afterwords. This is very near to the time that Jesus was born (around 4 BC) so they're saying that Jesus could have heard about Simon and copied this idea of rising from the dead.
It just proves more and more how Jesus is, of course, phony and that the Bible is just a masterpiece lie. There were so many ‘messiahs’ during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and just because Jesus happened to have his story written by the worlds most genius storytellers of our time makes him the son of god? Unlikely.

A lot of people argue that nowadays so much good comes from religion that is isn't worth debating whether god is real or not but I believe everything should be debated at all times. I have the tact to resist temptation whenever religion is brought up in conversation especially between friends but it really and truly gets my goat that people believe in something that is fake and I believe the world would be far better off without any religion. But it's me vs. a couple billion fools! :/ :p

I think I'll make a proper project out of this and make either a proper post (edited well) or it's own file or space so it isn't pressing on the other posts! :p
There have been loads of these Jesus programs on TV recently about new scrolls they have found or whether he actually died on the cross yadda yadda and they've started to bring up my old atheist viewpoints all over again much to the dismay of my mother! :p
According to these new scrolls Jesus was never crucified or he made somebody else take his place during the execution. You know when the man Simon is made to help Jesus with the cross on this way to the hill apparently they just swapped round and Jesus didn't die. What I find interesting about this is not whether he died or didn't but rather the fact that Christians have chosen four gospels out of like twenty to put into the Bible. They have chosen what they want to believe and dismissed the writings they don't without any evidence they are any more right or wrong accounts of Jesus' life! I mean I know that this happened along time ago or at least over a substantial period of time but GIVE ME A BREAK! :p How can you do that and then try to tell me that any of this actually happened?!

Without going into another fuming rant over the inconsistencies in this bullshit let me just point out a few funny things about religion.

1. In movies whenever we find an indigenous tribe they say ‘our god’ as if they are obviously wrong and they are soooo sorry but bear with them and they're puny tribal ways. Yet our bullshit story is correct and ours is just ‘god’ not ‘our god’.

2. Why would god make us in ‘his image’? And if he's anything like us why are we so full of shit? :p Of wait maybe we are made in his image? I mean is this just complete arrogance?!

I think the Bible has some of the greatest life stories but many other books do like the Koran - which is just another version of the Bible - I'll give the Bible that. But compare the Bible to any other religion throughout time - the pagans for example - well at least they worshiped something real. It's just all laughable!

I think I'll have to come back to this and edit it into coherence! :p Also notice how I never capitalized god.
A while back I saw this video on Youtube about correct posture while sitting on the toilet. I'll spare you any images but apparently the way most people sit on the toilet is incorrect and can lead to digestive problems. Apparently you need to rest your feet on a stool of some sort and height so that your digestive tract is in the correct position (trying hard not to get too graphic! :p). Half of me wants to pish-posh this as some sort of hippie money grabbing BS but I've tried it multiple times, out of interest, and I have to say it really does work! Plus it saves a load on toilet paper! :p Oh wait...! lol :p
I don't think I can post my own best of year list without it looking pale in comparison to Robert Christgau's list.
1. Because I can't find / buy all the records and
2. He has a lot more experience than me in this department although my tastes are pretty much on the exact same track.

So here we are, the best albums of 2009 by Robert Christgau:

I would copy & paste it here but the page there is easier to read and I don't know what kind of copyright laws I would be breaking! :p

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Jack the Ripper was Francis Tumblety?

I watched a TV show tonight about possible suspects of the murders that took place in London 1888. Apparently ‘they’ have narrowed down the suspects to 3 people, Tumblety being one of them. They went over the reasons why he may have been Jack the Ripper.

1. No prior knowledge of the area was needed as prostitutes would arrange ‘meetings’ in a place familiar to them.
2. Contrary to common belief only a small amount of medical knowledge as the attacks on the women were highly imprecise but followed a similar theme each time. Tumblety was a doctor at the time.
3. He had a hatred of women and collected women's uterus' in glass jars which is symbolic of psychopathic traits. Also removal of the uterus was common throughout all of the murders.
4. He was arrested at the time in correlation to the murders but released pending further evidence.
5. There were no more killings after he fled England on the 24th of November, unless you count copy-cat killings.
6. He had been arrested several times throughout his life up until this point.
7. He was wealthy enough to change his clothes if they became blood-strewn.
8. Detectives sent to New York to capture him after he fled England were unable to capture him.
9. When his handwriting is compared to that of Jack the Ripper they are 100% identical - the words looping and so tall that they overlap almost the next two lines of text.

I always find these kind of shows interesting and what's even more interesting is how anyone could find anyone other than Tumblety as Jack the Ripper. I mean when you see the text yourself on screen it's pretty obvious.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Some ideas for songs (if and ever I get round to it :p)

Masturbatory culture
Myopic people
Riding in the car
Growing up
Political correctness
Socialism / Capitalism
Whether or not people think about the things they may think about but probably don't, or do they?
Finding it hard to ignore my growing hatred for people - you have to suck it up and be happy regardless but it worries me that so much exasperates me
The increasing number of morons on the phone
The lack of politeness
Racism & unnecessary / unwarranted hatred
Teens today - including shitty art music, laziness, girls acting like whores
People suddenly only understanding black & white not gray areas
Favourite music
Robert Christgau - at least just to wind him up
How I can make music better than anyone else - hopefully after all other points have been covered! :p

Thursday, 21 January 2010

I'll start this post by saying how I don't know how to start this post. I was thinking today I should write down my thoughts on colours and ratings of film and music. That is to say I feel you can associate different colours with how good a film or movie is or how they are placed on a list. For example I get the feeling a 10/10 such as The Godfather (for sanity's sake) gives of a real black feel. A 9/10 such as The Warriors gives of a red feel, an 8/10 such as Avatar a blue feel and a 7/10 film such as Sin City gives of a brown feel (jokes aside). I haven't really thought about anything lower than that but I'm sure the other colours would be involved.

Now if it were for music it may go something like this:
1. White
2. Blue
3. Red
4. Yellow
5. Orange
6. A lighter version of red
7. Brown
8. Green
9. Grey
10. Black
11. Silver
12. A darker version of green
13. Rust

It would be interesting what others thought about this and if there was any psychological studies into this. I know there are a few concerning colours and mood etc.

Edit: in the case of Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (it's second only to The Clash: The Clash) I would call it a gold feeling record - Derek and the Dominoes being a blue but in third place? :S :p