Tuesday, 30 March 2010

So, I've started this diet of raw foods (last Saturday). My mum has some books written by David Wolfe who is one of the leading raw food "elitists". Basically a raw food diet is a vegan diet but you focus on three primary food categories—green vegetables, fruits and fats. All the food is organic and raw (meaning it's natural state). An example of a raw food diet would include a smoothie for breakfast, a salad juiced for lunch and a salad in the evening. What's great about this is that it all tastes so good! I have had a few cravings for meat and pizzas (etc) but I think I'm finally over the hump.

The whole idea behind raw food is that when food is cooked you loose around 85% of the nutrition (hence people trying to steam their food etc). Eating raw foods liquidized means that it saves your digestive system churning it up later on down the line. I love all the smoothies for breakfast because I love the energy fruit gives me (who doesn't?)—the salads i need to spice up a bit because it's a little boring. The only problem I've found so far with this diet is the cost! I spent £30 for a weeks worth of food (over my usual £20 per week) and I doubt it will even last to Friday! Fingers crossed I get this job I'm going in for tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Film Reviews:

Inglourious Basterds: Finally a good movie from Tarentino! I have been waiting for a comeback from him for some time now. Fun, visually exciting and downright funny, at times. But it's not great. As always, I wished Tarentino had focused on making a movie rather than his schtick but, overall, it was a pleasant experience. In fact, I was on the edge of my seat for the ending (which wasn't worth the wait)—Quentin makes for some tense buildup! 4 Stars

Friday, 26 March 2010

These shoes are quite cool—I think with either all black (jeans) or with a light gray top these would work quite well. There's something about them I don't like but I guess I'm just nitpicking. The next picture is a nice typeface from Prada—it's kinda hard to see the detail but I think it's made out of Prada products or furniture? The Last one is of the (new-ish) G-range Lumix cameras from Panasonic. I love Panasonic, as a company—in fact I love most Japanese companies because they don't design things to break! I love the colour too—I've never seen a camera look so cool!

I've been a keen fiddler when it comes to Firefox's about:config and I have found a few settings to be necessary when trying to speed up and improve your web browsing.

content.maxtextrun: 4095
content.notify.backoffcount: 5
network.dns.disableIPv6: True
network.dnsCacheEntries: 60
network.http.max-connections-per-server: 32
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy: 16
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server: 16
network.http.request.max-start-delay: 0
network.prefetch-next: False
nglayout.initialpaint.delay: 0–250

Make sure you have all pipe-lining disabled as it is detrimental to your speed.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TV Show Reviews:

How I Met Your Mother: What can I say? The new hit TV series aimed at teenagers—not too good characters, not too good jokes, not too good plots. It's inoffensive and just plain boring. B

Glee: There is something about this that is appealing. I think it's just that it tries so hard. It's already fallen into this rut where the teacher has to save Glee, while speaking to two or three other teachers in succession. I want this to be good because it has a lot of (wasted) potential. They need to make it more serious and less... ‘Glee’. A−

House: Only fools hail this as the best TV show on the air. Hugh Laurie is exceptional while the rest of the cast are interchangeable. The plots are often too simple and cheesy. I do like Laurie though... (oh, and that hot chick :p) B+

Will & Grace: I think it would be wrong to dislike the jokes because of their camp-ness, as they're still funny—most of the time. I think the cast could act a little less giddy and take the jokes a little more seriously. Some good acting, too. A−

Pop/American Idol: I like the premise of this show. Give an ordinary person the opportunity of a lifetime—to fulfill their dream. It doesn't pan out that way, though, does it? Most (if not all) of the applicants who make it through are good karaoke singers, at best. The fact that Simon and his crew have no idea who they are putting through, why someone is good or not and have no intention whatsoever to help the person (re-read the premise) almost makes this a turd but I still believe in the idea. A−

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Film Reviews:

Titanic: I enjoy this a lot more than I want to. I want it to be more serious, more manly and more precise. It's almost insanely cheesy at times but if you endure it you can find the character development intriguing. I instinctively dislike Cameron but there's no question that this a good movie–although I'd hate to say that to his face. 4 Stars

Friday, 19 March 2010

So I've nearly finished working on the six tracks I've made. I need to run through them all and re-master them (although I'd be lying to say it isn't an ongoing process). All I need now is a microphone (nostalgia included) to lay down the vocals. I probably need to find some samples of voices from somewhere too–unless I can find someone who can do a news caster voice? :S :p

I don't know how many tracks will make it to the album–I'm hoping to do up to twenty so that I know it's safe. I'm not sure if I'll use skits in between certain tracks or if I can mix them together somehow? :S Wish me luck! :p

Thursday, 18 March 2010

TV Reviews:

Glenn Martin, DDS: I was apprehensive at first and, at times, it's kind of stale but apart from being surprisingly well shot for a timed animation it's actually quite good. Some of the jokes are unnecessary but I love the ones where the son unwittingly uses sexual innuendos. I'm going to have to keep my eye on this. A−

Arrested Development: I was really bummed when they took this off this air—it was one of the funniest things on TV (if not the funniest). Some great character development and some laugh-until-you-puke moments too. I don't know who I like best—Gob or Tobias? :S :p A
At first I was undecided whether I should post this but I now must get it out of my system! :p

I've been watching a lot of Spongebob (in the background) and every fucking break that Nanny McPhee (and the Big Bang) ad comes up. If you are unfamiliar with this film I will give you 3 good reason why you should not see it:

1. It's so obviously awful it's target audience are middle class parents who think it might be ‘fun’ for the children. Don't submit your children to something so obviously awful–it will lower there intelligence significantly–I thought you were meant to be parents? Take them to see Toy Story 3, Up (if it's still on) or get any of these on DVD.

2. The nanny character looks like the most annoying character of all time.

and 3. The previous one had that annoying little kid from Love Actually and Colin Firth in it. Enough said.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I had another weird dream last night. I was, somehow, seeing this girl up in London. I can't remember if it was from the internet. I went to her house and we were getting real cozy when one of her friends came round (I can't remember exactly why he came round). He acted a little shy all night and we kissed in front of him etc. The next day I went into London, (although I can't remember exactly where) to meet her in town, and it came out that the guy was in fact her boyfriend! :p

He had real beef with me (obviously) but they were back together. I got really pissed as she lied to me and we split up (in different directions). Then I end up in a cinema but it's all decked out like an old, expensive, theater and this interview came up on the screen. It was for two designers (who don't exist?) who were talking about the adverts they had made and how some of them had been too graphic for the cinema. It then showed some adverts that did make it to the cinema–they were small blurry objects or images that unfolded into beautiful images. For example–a blurry image of a few lines turned into half a spider and a car logo. I don't know whether I have seen something like this on TV before as they seemed so professional; or maybe I'm a genius. *looks at nails

Then I am in a TV show as a member of the cast. I am sitting at a table with Edie Falco from the Sopranos sitting to my opposite right and two other women sitting to my left (on opposite sides of the table). We're doing the scene (can't really remember) and trying to act it really well (like the Sopranos :p). Apparently the brother of the girl was in the audience and he's jeering at me, you know, talking about me to his friends. Eddie Falco whispers to me ‘don't listen to it, just concentrate on the scene’, etc, and we continue. 

I then find out that this guy and her brother have been spreading rumours around about me. That I didn't have a gun or something about fighting with some guys (I know it doesn't make any sense)? I'm then on a bus with a load of ‘LA looking’ kids and the rumours are still floating around so I tell a girl that I would fight anyone with my bare knuckles (who fights with guns, right?) and that if he has anything to say to me I can come-back with ‘well I've been inside your sisters pussy’. We arrive at the school and I get off the bus. I start walking through the school (a little apprehensive as this is not my school and full of ‘LA looking’ kids :p).

The entrance is open plan (with no roof) with just breaks in the wall for people to get out of the buses (i guess a bus yard :p). As I turn a corner, round a column, there is a guy getting off a bus. He asks me about a record deal and I start shooting off about making an album and how Kanye West was smart, and not a thug, and the way to go etc. He seems really interested in me and he's asking me all these questions like–would you include some black power material? I said, yeah, power for everybody–although I would add some black power, you know, both individually. Then a colleague of his steps off the bus and he's slightly more negative, trying to cut the guys interest, but he ends up giving me his email so I can send him the tracks when I've finished! :p 

Then I wake up. :p

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

TV Reviews:

30 Rock: I don't know what it is about this show but there's something not quite right. I don't think it's not smart enough, just weak somehow. I really enjoyed it when it first came out and I thought it would be my new ‘show’. It's still funny though, sometimes. A-
I've been slaving over a new beat program I downloaded. Not naming any names :p

I'm not sure if I'll take this down or not but I've got another one if anyone wants to hear it too:

Hip Hop Track
I had a really weird dream last night. I was a prisoner in a Russian military prison and was being put to death. The first half of the dream I (either started or ended up in–I can't remember) a room where the guards beat me etc. The guards were okay though they kind of let me just sit around etc but, somehow, I heard that the army bosses were planning to kill me. So a high-ranking officer comes over to this bunker thing and a few things go on with the guards–like he has an argument with someone and starts to beat his face in. I break into the room where they're talking and punch him hard enough (although he seems to be 0ver 6 feet tall and hugely muscular! :S :p) to stop beating on the guy (saying, ‘You're going to kill him!’). Anyway, I end up trying to escape and one of the nicer guards kind of let me out of the bunker and gets distracted by someone (or something? :p). I start running into the adjacent field and they all start shouting etc (but for some reason they don't chase me?). The grass is quite low so I'm crawling on the ground (as fast as I can)–it's like every escape, on film, I've ever seen! :p I escape (obviously) and then there's some sort of montage of me getting back to England (my geography doesn't serve me very well) and then I wake up to the cats knocking something down the stairs! :p Phew!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I really like these:

Marc by Marc Jacobs–Colour Loop Sweater
Blue & Pink Jacket
Moncler–Blue & Yellow Jacket
Mackage–Chuck Coat
Cheap Monday–Cartoon Fist T-Shirt
Space Beach T-Shirt
Cheap Monday Cardigan
While reading an article about the monopolizing nature of the Microsoft corporation at iA I found a link to this article.

Bill Gates Speaks Out Against Fascist Capitalism

After reading this article I would like to point out a few things to the layman:

1.  Africa and other countries who have nothing can only gain anything by joining the capitalist race because how else will they trade? This allows the fascist companies who run the world to control them.

2. To say that Africa needs to turn to capitalism like China did is complete BS. China had the resources tied with a power-hungry attitude to join (more or less) dominate the capitalist market. Africa have nothing so how are they meant to become capitalist?

3. This article was obviously written by some rich, right-wing, racist, CEO who uses words like free-trade to convince people that capitalism is the best way. If it wasn't then it's written by someone working in a political magazine who has been blind-sighted by what others are saying.

4. Free trade means that companies can use the very sanctions and rules THEY created to monopolize the market and crush the competition. Free trade and capitalism is really just economic fascism and it's a shame the general public (in general) doesn't see it as such.

5. To say that Bill Gates earned his fortune due to capitalism is just plain obviously bullshit the writer brings up to fool the fool. I doubt Bill Gates really cares whether or not Microsoft made as much money as it did.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Change your default text in Firefox: Open Tools, Options, Content and then in Fonts & Colors choose Georgia. Also reset font size to 16px if it isn't set. Remember 16px online is like 11px in print. ;) :p
Album Reviews:

Lil Wayne: Rebirth:

Tha Carter III was one of my favourite albums of the '00s—Lil Wayne being, probably, my favourite rapper. His ability to produce so many mix-tapes surprised even me. With his latest work, though, there is almost nothing to admire. You can't play guitar Wayne and whoever you got to do the beats can't make a beat. I feel Lil Wayne's pain but I far prefer the sad clown Wayne. Funnier and smarter. Without the clown part you're just sad. ** (‘Drop the World’, ‘American Star’)
TV Reviews:

The Mighty Boosh: I like the characters the guys create but the rest of the show doesn't really make a lot of sense (I know that's the point). It's a show only stoners really dig.**

Red Dwarf: One of my favourite British comedies—Red Dwarf has some very good story-lines (although sometimes not forceful enough). The fact that it seems so blokish on the surface only proves how well it is crafted. The characters are perfect and, although I feel Cat could have some more jokes, I wouldn't have it any other other way. A
This guy seriously knows how to make clothes! :p

Thursday, 11 March 2010

How cool are these fashion illustrations?! :p

Illustrations by Richard Kilroy for Ponystep
I love this jacket (the luxuriousness of the material) and the colour combination is quite nice.

I just found the link to this site posted on the Creative Review website and I thought I'd post it here:

What Type are You?

Apparently, I am either Marina Script (Emotional, Understated, Traditional, Disciplined) or Archer Hairline (Emotional, Understated, Progressive, Disciplined). From looking at the two fonts I would say I am Archer Hairline—highly precise and thin with a few small details which accentuate the type.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I wonder, is there a way to change the size of the default space (pixels) in CSS? Hmmmmmm. I need to sort out these image and widget sizes too... ¬^¬ :p

Saturday, 6 March 2010

TV Reviews:

True Blood: Started off with a bang and then fizzled out a little. I think the direction could be more precise as it takes away from the storyline sometimes. The acting is strong—strong enough to push the iffy plots. The cast build some likable characters. I missed part of the first series but I don't think I like it enough to go back. A−

Friday, 5 March 2010

As you can see I've redesigned my blog—I'm nearly done but I'm gonna search around the net for some advice. I'm using a 960 grid (940 pixel width for content) and I think I've got the type pretty much down (although I'm unsure about the vertical spacing). I've sized text at 16px with a line-spacing of 24px (1.5 x 16px). For the moment it's fine but I'd like to be reassured in this area. I'm also gonna start looking for widgets and filler so that I can make a third column. That or try to make a two-column text area. On blogger? Yeah right.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I went to London recently with my mum and little brother and I bought this from Uniqlo. At £12.99 they're a must have for any guy (more than one! ;p):

These shorts look pretty ultra-vulture, to me:

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

TV Show Reviews:

Cougar Town: The plot and story-lines are terrible (if you could call them story-lines), the acting is overdone and the jokes cheesy as hell. An obvious flop which I doubt will cause much of a fuss. B−

Ren and Stimpy: Hilarious antics in combination with (although obvious) stead-fast story-lines and a weird atmosphere makes this one of the most enjoyable cartoons of all time. I used to find this really creepy as a kid and, watching it again today, I know why. A−

Charmed: This quaint show comprises 3 or 4 hot babes, a flow of repetitive, cheesy, story-lines and pretty poor acting. One of those shows that chicks like to watch in their free time—Charmed is not really charming at all. C+
While shopping in Tesco with my mum yesterday evening I saw some milk called ‘Pure’ milk. What is this Pure milk? After trying to research it through Google next to nothing came up. The shelf life with Pure milk has dramatically increased. Is it a trademark to Tesco or some new form of pasteurization? Reading the Wiki article on Cravendale (which is, apparently, similar to Tesco Pure) I found out that the milk is filtered several times to remove almost all bacteria before pasteurization. It seems this is far superior to regular milk. One thing concerns me though—is it regular milk with less bacteria. Or is it organic milk with less bacteria? I far prefer organic milk to regular so I'm unsure with route I should take. A healthier lifestyle or a longer shelf life? All I can say to regular milk is: bye-bye.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

This could come off as just hippie-ish but the Japanese tendency towards attention to detail (and cleanliness)—this girl creates a good-looking outfit! :p

An interesting article that directly points toward the moron and the (economic) fascist world. FUCK government and FUCK anyone who thinks that government is out to help you.

Economic Fascism Article

Fascism is an idea that most people think has been dead for decades and they are most certainly wrong. There are many ideologies that are very similar to fascism and there are a lot of aspects within fascism itself. The two primary types of fascism are economic and military. Most people know about military fascism and wouldn't believe America and most other countries in the world are already fascist countries.
Economic fascism is when governments and corporations fund each other, monopolizing and killing human freedoms along the way. This has been happening in America for years. The federal reserve give money to the government (which they make out of thin air) and the government are therefore in debt to them. This is a breeding ground for a corporate government alliance i.e. an economic fascist country. From here democracy has less and less influence on what goes on behind the scenes. The people are ignored because debts are owed to certain people. The corporations can then elect people as the government becomes more and more corrupt. This is what we have seen happen to America over the past decades. Crime has risen steadily, health-care has become a corporation and yet everyone believes this is normal only because it has happened over a long period of time. It's very simple problem yet no one can see it. The media is run by the corporations which is another major part of a fascist economy.
I hate to say it but Obama sucks. Since being in office he has done jack shit apart from fixing a few, minor, irrelevant issues like the embryo thing. I like the man, don't get me wrong, I like how he is a centrist by principle (though many will disagree with me) but that is also the reason why he sucks so much ass! Being centrist allows him to sit on his thumb. Here are some questions I would like answered from this lazy git:

1. Why isn't he bringing troops back from Iraq?
2. Why isn't he banning setting up bases in Iraq? (Don't tell me it's to stabilize Iraq cos that's BS—they want to go into Iran and he's all for it, apparently)
3. Why isn't he tackling the federal reserve and introducing ‘sound’ money?
4. Why isn't he banning RFID chips and anything of that nature?
5. Why hasn't he created a public health care system yet?

I'm seriously annoyed by Obama because he hasn't done anything. I just pray that Ron Paul runs for president again in 2012. If he doesn't then I just give up on America and the American people. I mean—you voted for Bush. Twice. I really have no respect for you—and why should I? At least 75% of you are stupid.

To follow on from this—do people not see that by creating this big monetary disaster (the credit crisis) the American government will make people believe that more government is a good thing and will create a positive approach to government regulations. I.E. Allow the government to run the show more than before. This will only lead to more freedoms being destroyed and exploited and eventually a one world government.
I loved this video from The Black Eyed Peas—the way it morphs into the next song almost brinks on disaster with a techno remix but the DJ just pulls it off. Probably the best video I have seen in a while! :p

Monday, 1 March 2010

Princess Mononoke: A slightly more serious venture from artistic genius Hayao Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke makes Miyazaki my favourite animator of all time. A traditional (feeling) storyline which uses the animation to emphasize the seriousness of the situation allowing the viewer to really want the couple to succeed. If you know anything about Japanese culture you'll see the intended hidden message here and it's a very important message. The fact that the bad-guy is a girl is a good twist. 4 Stars

Howl's Moving Castle: Miyazaki's worst to date. It's surprising since he rarely tells a bad story but here we have unlikable characters and an irrelevant plot. I always like his animating but come-on? This was dull. 2.5 Stars

Spirited Away: Perfect in every way. Great storyline, great characters—even the way it is animated into focus you can tell Miyazaki is pushing perfection. I'll admit if there ever was a moment when I nearly cried for a character on film it's when she can't tell which pigs are her parents. Miyazaki's best work. 4 Stars
I really want to have a house party... all I need is a house! :p

A list of things I'd need:

1. Bowl(s) of punch.

2. Cooler with some sort of pineapple flavoured alcohol.

3. My speakers set up in their best position (try to minimize the mid trouble) and iPod set to shuffle (hopefully somewhere hidden! :p).

4. Decorations around the house—maybe some bean bags/blow-up chairs.

5. Food! Pizzas, snacks etc, beer and, perhaps, some weed O:-). Good beer (at least Heineken, Becks or the such).

6. People!! :p Good people who know how to have a good time but are not hipster douche-bags who will puke on your floor and trash your house.

7. A house/the money/the friends/the perfect timing to fund the party.... T_T :p
Album Reviews:

Vampire Weekend: Contra:

Although,at first, I sort of preferred the instantness of their first record this one is much smarter. Far more experimental (or should I say reaching), they have matured since their last venture. ‘Giving Up the Gun’ is my favourite of the singles and I was pleasantly surprised to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the video. The boys have a new found confidence in their own ability and it really shines through. A strong hopeful it will probably be in my top 10 of the year. A

Spoon: Transference:

I instantly liked this if only for it's instrumentals. A little more depressive than some of their earlier work—it's kind of refreshing. The only album of theirs that, really, merits much praise is ‘Kill the Moonlight’ which was a great album. It's hard to like these songs based on the lyrics—the melodies are cold and bleak. I do like Daniel though as he kind of speaks to me in a way—he's tormented by his own reluctance to relax. A sort of unintentional depression which he battles throughout the 11 tracks. Not long enough to continue my attention and not catchy enough to cause any major affections but I'm interested in what it stands for. A−

The Flaming Lips: Embryonic:

Wow, the first good CD from one of the most annoying bands in history. They loosen up on their prog-rock tradition a little and allow a more direct output. Although I still find everything about this band annoying it is a surprising effort considering their track record. The meaning behind each of the tracks is just made-up hipster trash (a la Animal Collective). It would still be stupid even if their was meaning. Maybe they should have consolidated the tracks? A−